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We’ve all experienced the benefits of tinted windows. Keeping the sun out of your eyes, privacy, protection from interior UV damage, heat reduction, etc. Its not a mater of “Should I tint my car?” but rather, “What tint should I go with?”

Full Auto Tint

In Utah front windows must allow 43% of light in. Any darkness can be used in the rear windows. Darkness of tint film is typically measured by VLT% or Visible Light Transmission. This percentage refers to the percentage of visible light allowed through both the film and the window.

Vinyl Wrapping

From company fleet vehicles with fully printed graphics to the matte gray R8 that parks in the same parking garage as you. We’ve all seen vinyl wrapped vehicles. But what exactly is this product? How long does it last? Can any car be wrapped? What if I change my mind and don’t want the vinyl anymore? These are all questions we hear everyday, and rest assured we have the answers.

Clear Paint Protection

What makes our film the absolute best is the conformability of it and the way our professionals install the film. Our P.P.F. is one of the most transparent on the market, along with being outstanding in the clarity department the top-coat of our film has superb self healing properties.

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