The M4 GTS is a gorgeous car that turns many Gear Heads into gitty children, we did!

Our client wanted the Ultimate Protective Package that one could find. When he got word of us at Justin’s Tint and Paint Protection, and the quality work we put out. He was ready to find out if all the hype was true. A single phone call assured him that his new investment was going to be in good hands. We take great care of clients investments, knowing that some of them are some of the most collectible and rare obtainable’s in the world. With his confidence placed in our qualified hands, the work began.

The M4 GTS is lavishly stunning in BMW’s Frozen Dark Grey paint. In order to keep that unique Frozen sheen, we used our Satin Paint Protection Film.

The dedication needed to keep the BMW Frozen cars looking 100% is mythical. Can you imagine cleaning your car after a spirited canyon drive, only to find out you have a front end covered in insects! Of corse you can, it has happened to all of us. Now you are left with many options of cleaning them off. But what about all that scrubbing and marring that comes with cleaning baked on bug guts? With PPF installed the car’s delicate paint is protected! Cleaning is now stress-free.

“It’s all in the Details”

At Justin’s Tint and Paint Protection, we pride ourselves in seamless installations. If it isn’t good enough for us, then it gets redone. Every project gets the same treatment. Big or Small, our attention is given one hundred percent.

The Carbon Fiber parts on this car were finished in a high gloss clear coat. Our PPF installation gave these areas the needed protection and provided the added depth and luster to the mesmerizing weave of carbon fiber.