Nissan 350Z built for the NASA and Nissan spec racing series

Our client approached us and wanted a Nissan 350Z wrapped.  They had a designer working on the design aspect of the wrap to cover the entire vehicle.  We do many vinyl wraps and wrapping a vehicles is no small task it requires cleanliness, thought, and patience.  When it comes to printing and installing a printed wrap its almost a different game going on.  Not only does it require thought, cleanliness and patience but you have to be ultra precise on the install.


This vinyl wrap was one of the hardest ones we have had to do to date.  The design had quite a bit of gradients in it, which had to be altered the the slightest degree because we did not want to change the design much if at all.  We loved the design and it really stands out in the crowd, the yellow is very eye catching, and perfect for the race car it is.

IMG_20150910_195627 IMG_20150910_195606

We love being apart of something big like this, it not only shows that we can do your window tint, paint protection film, and vinyl but we are very professional and tedious about how the final product turns out.

We wrapped this car for our local business Race-co out at Miller Motorsports Park they are phenomenal for everything from simple things to something like this which was a stock car when they got it and now it is almost a ground up build.