Many, many new things

//Many, many new things

Many, many new things

A couple things have changed in the last few months and I have not posted about it.  It has been great the last six months we have upgraded our facility and are now located at 220 West Central Ave. Suite 4.  We now have a lot more room, our own office and big signs on the front of the building.  We came from about a 800 square foot space and upgraded to about 1500 square feet, our own office, our own waiting room and a nice mezzanine.  All of this to work on multiple cars at a time, instead of one at a time.

Screenshot_2015-09-14-10-06-27 waiting-room


Along with all of this room here we can now offer more service and space here, We have paired up with a very talented local glass specialist.  The owner Corey Lambert takes a great deal of pride in his work like we do in ours and its a great match up for our business.  We are very centrally located and offer his services with ours.  We now have the absolute best Window tint along with the best glass business around, and as always the best paint protection film.



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