BMW M4 Entirely wrapped in Xpel Stealth Paint Protection Film

We have absolutely amazing clients here… This beautiful brand new BMW M4 was the first one in Utah and was brought to us right after the purchase.  The client wanted something different and unheard of around Salt Lake City at the time. We went over some options and decided to Wrap the entire car in XPEL’s Stealth Paint Protection Film


There are many challenges with doing this, one is you have to have the absolute cleanest install.  If you fail here it is very noticeable one reason being white and the other is if you have anything under the film there is an hourglass affect when the film is applied and it enhances it greatly.

Another challenge is wrapping everything in one piece which is very difficult in some areas.  I know the mirrors were very technical with this and it was like attempting to wrap a basketball.  the other big problem with this car was the rear bumper and getting the area around the marker lights to fit nicely and without being noticed.  The third was the rear trunk area and being able to wrap the entire inset in one piece and that is where a lot of finesse came into play, I wanted to have it lay down with out stretch marks or gouges in the P.P.F. and after taking the right amount of time it worked in my favor.


Along with wrapping the car in Paint Protection Film we tinted the windows on it with Suntek Carbon XP film for great heat rejection capability and the natural smoke look carries on well with the car.

As you can see from all the hard work and patience we put into this M4 it is well worth it and I am very proud to have done the work.  If you liked all this check out our gallery for more pictures.  THANKS!